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Centenary of the October Revolution: Let’s raise the red flag again!

Translation by Redspark One hundred years ago the Great Socialist Revolution of October broke out – a thunderbolt in the middle of the First World War, an inter-imperialist war that led to the killing of the peoples of Europe for the interests of the various imperialist bourgeoisies wanting to divide the world’s wealth. It was […]

To defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo is to defend Maoism!

Translation done by Redspark On the day of the 25th anniversary of the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo of the Communist Party of Peru, leading the Protracted People’s War in Peru, the OCML-VP decided to publish a long statement presenting Chairman Gonzalo as a liquidator. This article’s intentions, entitled “On the People’s War in Peru, the […]

On the Situation in Catalonia

What is happening in Catalonia? This nation, located in several regions where the culture is Catalan (Valencia, Baleares, Andorra, …), mainly in the Spanish State and partly in the French State, has a quickly evolving political situation with an unprecedented political crisis. Since 2015, the Generalitat Government (the political organization holding regional executive and legislative […]

One Year From the Death of Adama Traoré

On July 19 2016, on his birthday, Adama Traoré died of asphyxiation during a stop by the gendarmes of Beaumont. Very quickly, bourgeois “justice” denied the crime of the gendarmes; the public prosecutor declared that Adama had a “cardiac malaise” following a “very serious infection” adding even that there were “traces of cannabis” in Adama’s […]

From London to Portugal: the Fires of Capitalism

In London, a 24 floor tower with more than 400 inhabitants caught fire, an enormous fire whose images where seen all over the world. A few days later, in the midsts of a heat wave, 64 people were killed when the forests of Portugal were set ablaze. These two fires of course were not directly linked. Nevertheless, they have […]