Down with the State of Emergency, the Police State! We are Right to Rebel!

Since the fascist attacks of Daech on November 13, the parliament passed the State of Emergency.

All the politicians in parliament voted for the State of Emergency, from the Front National to the Front de Gauche! Freshly passed, the government has already extended it for another three months. Today, this “exceptional state” that was announced as temporary and as a response to a “security need” has become the norm. The watchdogs of the bourgeoisie have taken one more step in the strengthening of the repressive apparatus by seeking to incorporate measures related to the State of Emergency into current legislation and even into the constitution. This proves once more that the so-called exceptional laws are not exceptional, but are actually a maneuver to impose on the people constant fascism from the state apparatus. If the FN comes to power tomorrow, it won’t even have to pass anti-labor laws because the Hollande-Valls government will have already done the work, with the more or less active complicity of all the right and left parties! (more…)

From Bloc Rouge (Maoist unification) to the Maoist Communist Party !

affiche 1.4The Unification Process

For several years already, Maoists are re-establishing their territory in France. This effort has taken a new turn when, in 2012, comrades from the Maoist Communist Party of France (PCM) and members of the ROCML subsequently left and joined the International Conference in Support of the People’s War in India which took place in Hamburg. A series of joint activities were held by the comrades from PCM and ROCML including the trainings in July 2013 which also involved comrades who are not members of any organizations. As a result of these activities, the comrades decided to lead a unification process for all Maoists in France. Commissions are then put in place to establish the ideological basis for unification.

During the process, ideological struggles emerged which, unfortunately led to the departure of some comrades, but at the same time strengthening the unity of those who are actively participating to improve the process. The Bloc Rouge was formed to organize the Unification Congress of Maoists. This is the result of our theoretical and practical work. (more…)

Solidarity with the Goodyears’!

Two messages of solidarity were written at the entrance of the Goodyear factory in Amiens: “Freedom for the Goodyears’!” “Down with the bourgeois justice!” .

Since 2007, the workers of Goodyear Amiens Nord have led the fight against the closure of their factory and to save their jobs. A determining factor in their long-term struggle is their unity, solidarity and determination. (more…)