Pierre Overney, always present in our struggles!

affiche overney 2016pcmTribute to Pierre Overney at Père Lachaise Cemetery on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 11 AM. Meeting point at the station Père Lachaise (line 2) at 11am.

44 years ago, on February 26, 1972, Pierre Overney, a Maoist worker and activist of Gauche Prolétarienne, was shot in front of the Renault Billancourt factory. In the midst of a wave of racist crimes of that time, he was distributing a leaflet for an antifascist demonstration at Charonne metro station in commemoration of the protest repressed in blood by police 10 years earlier.

La Cause du Peuple, which announced his death, pushed the slogan “Stop Fascism ! “and denounced the killings of Arab workers. The parallel with current events is striking. In Calais, the fascist militias, hand in hand with the cops, attack migrants fleeing those countries, in which the imperialists, including France, have wreaked havoc and set fire to consolidate their domination. Last year, Rémi Fraisse was killed by government watchdogs. Cops murder in the suburbs, multiply provocations and humiliations. Our neighbours’ doors are smashed for no reason. The climate of the Emergency State opens the doors to repression. The State, at the service of the bourgeoisie and the bosses, breaks into the homes of trade unionists at 6am and hands out prison sentences to workers struggling to keep their jobs. With 7 million unemployed, we are still told that we are lazy and cared for by the government as we struggle to find work. That’s when Myriam El Khomri, Minister of Labour [sic], proposes an anti-worker bill. which transcends every other one introduced in the past since the CPE. The government desires to serve the bosses to such a degree that it is willing to impose it even without a vote in parliament according to Article 49.3. (more…)

From Bloc Rouge (Maoist unification) to the Maoist Communist Party !

affiche 1.4The Unification Process

For several years already, Maoists are re-establishing their territory in France. This effort has taken a new turn when, in 2012, comrades from the Maoist Communist Party of France (PCM) and members of the ROCML subsequently left and joined the International Conference in Support of the People’s War in India which took place in Hamburg. A series of joint activities were held by the comrades from PCM and ROCML including the trainings in July 2013 which also involved comrades who are not members of any organizations. As a result of these activities, the comrades decided to lead a unification process for all Maoists in France. Commissions are then put in place to establish the ideological basis for unification.

During the process, ideological struggles emerged which, unfortunately led to the departure of some comrades, but at the same time strengthening the unity of those who are actively participating to improve the process. The Bloc Rouge was formed to organize the Unification Congress of Maoists. This is the result of our theoretical and practical work. (more…)