A comrade is in jail, let us develop revolutionary solidarity!

logo antirep englishWe are publishing CARA’s statement following the detention of a comrade in Clermont-Ferrand. For our analysis of the current repression, we invite you to read our article “Un conflit de plus en plus prononcé” (in French).

We reaffirm that their repression will only strengthen our determination in our struggle. As we wrote: “It is important to see repression not as something unexpected, as if falling from the sky, but as the logic behind the functioning of classist society. The fight against the labor law is the expression of class struggle, the struggle between two camps with irreconcilable interests.” The fact that the revolutionaries are paying the price for their struggle only validates these lines.

We are not fighting to fix the system, but rather to build a new one from the ashes of the current one. Of course, this will have to happen by violently confronting the guardians of this system. When we say this, it is not that that we are violent in nature, simply realistic. To reduce our struggle to a violent fight is to not see that this is the revolutionary struggle. It affects all aspects of life and plays out on all fields. The revolutionary struggle is above all the development of revolutionary activity among the masses. And we know that as soon as initiative is taken, repression falls. See here, that this is where violence comes from. It comes from the State that seeks to protect itself, to preserve the interests of the ruling class. Our violence, on the other hand, is intended to free us from the yoke of capitalist society and bring down the entire imperialist system. Their violence compels us to accept living conditions in which we work, to pay for the SUVs and villas of the bourgeois. Revolutionary violence allows us to create the basis for a new society, in which the presently exploited majority will take over its own shared fate. Today, the work that is used to generate profits for a privileged few will ensure the needs of the people tomorrow. The objective of our violence is to put an end to their violence, which goes well beyond police repression — famines caused by speculation, land-grabs, massacres of oppressed people by their imperialist wars, deaths in construction sites and factories, housing evictions, etc.

That is why we are moving towards the path of People’s War, it means the war of the working class and of the masses against our oppressors and exploiters. People’s War is the clash against the bourgeoisie on all fronts: social, cultural, economical, political, military; it is the return to power of those who suffer today. It is the building of a new society, step by step, on the path of revolution.

Here is why we know that our camp will continue to be repressed, imprisoned, bludgeoned, etc.

Let’s advance on the revolutionary path, let’s advance on the path of people’s war!

Statement of CARA :

“Antoine, a comrade from Vichy who is a stretcher bearer, an activist of CARA and of CGT, was remanded in custody after refusing immediate trial. He had participated in the occupation of the City Council of Clermont-Ferrand last Friday 29 April. During this action, at the appeal of Bianchi, mayor from Socialist Party (PS), cops had evacuated the room with nightsticks, pepper spray and taser. Marc Fernandez, head of the whole police of Puy de Dome, was directing his troops. At the frontline of the repression, he took an amplifier to the head from the crowd. Then the cops jumped on our comrade and arrested him.

During his trial, held this Monday on May 2, our comrade refused immediate trial. But this trial is political. Justice wants to make examples of those who refuse to bow their heads. Whatever the situation or the arguments of the lawyer, he is punished for his revolutionary commitment. He is remanded in custody until his trial on 26 May.

Police violence of last Friday and repression that accumulates in Clermont (3 trial to come, 10 and 23 May and 7 June) shows that justice is not blind like wants us to believe the Republican myth but affects mainly the poorest of the people and of the revolutionaries. That’s class justice “straight line, head down, and if you open your mouth, you know what awaits you.” But as we’ve said repeatedly, we will not be intimidated. They can try to “make examples” that’s not what will bring down our determination, on the contrary!

We call for a demonstration on Saturday, May 7 at 2pm, Delille square, Clermont-Ferrand

Faced with repression, let us return blow for blow!

Freedom for Antoine! Stop to prosecutions!

PS: Thanks to all already launched initiatives, and we call to multiply those solidarity.