End of the biggest social mobilization in Guyana

The biggest social mobilization of the Guyanese people ended last week. The Guyanese bravely fought against the French imperialist state for a month. The agreements between the representatives of the different organizations at the head of the struggle and the State took place just before the first round of the elections, a round that revealed the hostility of the Guyanese masses for the French State, where more than 75% of the Guianese abstained!

The first attempts of French colonization of Guyana began in the early 16th century. A century later, the attempts began again and partially failed until 1652, when the first black slaves were transported to Guyana. The French colonial empire disputed control of the territory with the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial empires and from the nineteenth century onward, maintained its seizure of Guyana. In 1946 Guyana was designated a “French department of overseas”, to obscure the fact that it was a colony.

Even today, Guyana is still a French colony. The symbol of French colonialism in French Guyana is the Guyana Space Center, which consumes 20% of electricity of all the Guyana, while many Guyanese have precarious access to electricity. 15% of the Guyanese have no access to drinking water, the unemployment rate is 22%, more than double that of metropolitan France, and 40% of young people leave the school system without diplomas, which is four times more than in metropolitan France. There are five times fewer general practitioners in French Guyana than in metropolitan France for the same number of inhabitants. In addition, the French state tolerates illegal gold-mining which wreaks havoc on the environment, causing enormous damage to the Amazon rainforest, poisoning the Amerindians living near rivers with the mercury used in the process of extracting gold, and reducing to slavery migrant workers from border countries (Brazil and Suriname) who pan for gold, are unpaid and threatened with death by real private militias.

It is against all these injustices that the Guyanese people mobilized massively for a month. They did it proudly, brandishing the Guyanese flag against the French imperialist state, because the Guyanese are not duped and know that it is only with the independence of Guyana, a crucial claim carried by the movement and in particular by the Union of Guyanese Workers, that the problems and suffering of the Guyanese people can be resolved. Indeed, all the fundamental problems of the country are linked to colonialism and imperialism. Colonialism plundered the resources of the colonized country and prevented it from developing its economy. On the contrary, it set up an unbalanced economy at the service of the colonizing power by plundering natural resources and exploiting the country’s labor force in the economical sectors useful for it.

But the independence of Guyana, like the independence of all the other French colonies, requires an independent Communist Party. Only a Communist Party of Guyana, armed with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, will be able to offer the way to the liberation of Guyana from French imperialism through a Protracted People’s War, by organizing a broad democratic and revolutionary Front with the aim of establishing the New Democracy, and without interruption advance towards socialism. Our Party in the metropole must assume the double task of helping the people of the French colonies to fight against French imperialism and their watchdogs, but above all to weaken French imperialism at its heart and to fight it until its destruction. This is the special relationship which unites us with brother parties in the French colonies.

Our Party also wishes to salute the struggle of the Guyanese workers of EDF who continue the strike for their demands despite the end of the great social movement that they largely organized.

Nou bon ké sa!

Death to French colonialism, death to imperialism!

For a Maoist Communist Party of Guyana and all French colonies!

Long live the international solidarity of the peoples!

May 1: Let us Boycott their Elections and prepare the Fight!

This May 1st is the year of the centenary of the Great Socialist October Revolution. The 1917 Revolution marked the creation of the first socialist state in the world, a victory of great importance to workers throughout the world.

Even today we must seize this heritage, as well as the heritage of the Chinese Revolution, to develop the revolution in our own country. Indeed, it is not the elections that can liberate the proletariat from capitalism’s misery and exploitation, but only socialist revolution. Today therefore the question for the working class is how to struggle to advance this revolution.

On the situation in France…

The five-year term of Hollande has once again shown the true nature of the Socialist Party: a succession of promises in order to be elected and then once in power, anti-people’s governments in the service of the bourgeoisie, which attack all the proletariat conquests one after another. After four years of attack against the proletariat (Pact of Responsibility, ANI, Macron Law…), Holland’s government’s last year had to face the movement against the Labor Reform. It was the greatest movement of class struggle in France of the last decade. This was an extremely important moment for the working class to begin to rebuild class solidarity, to show the strength that the struggle and the combativeness that our class can have.

Today we know that the next 5 year period will be exactly in line with Hollande’s: a government in service of the bourgeoisie, an extremely aggressive government against the working class. It will be a government that puts the full weight of the crisis of capitalism on the backs of the workers. It will be a government that will accompany the rise of fascism, which will strengthen it by dividing and attacking the working class on all fronts.

The working class has nothing to gain in the bourgeois elections. The bourgeoisie only seeks legitimacy by trying to have as many ballots cast as possible. Let us not be divided by their elections, boycott their elections and prepare instead for the struggle under the next five year period because the fight is going to be tough.

…and in the World

After the election of Trump in the United States, a massive mobilization against him took place in the streets. Nearly half of the US population refused to choose between Clinton and Trump and eventually mobilized massively. This must serve as an example, we must prepare ourselves to mobilize against the next government whatever it is, for it will necessarily represent a reactionary offensive against the proletariat.

Under Hollande, French imperialism continued to intensify its wars of aggression initiated by Sarkozy: Libya, Central African Republic, Mali and now Syria. Everywhere in the world, the tendency towards war increases – this tendency towards war is the fruit of the increase of inter-imperialist contradictions. American imperialism, which played the role of the cop of the world, sees its position as endangered; it is an imperialism in crisis which is declining, facing new imperialists such as Russia and China. This situation leads to wars to re-divide the world, increasing the risk of a widespread war. Against the imperialist war, there is only one solution: socialist revolution. Just as the October Revolution put an end to the imperialist war in Russia, today we have to fight against our own imperialism and build the tools to move towards revolution.

The most advanced revolutionary movements in the world today are the People’s Wars leaded by Communist Parties based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. This is the case with the People’s War in India and the Philippines, where the Communist Party-led masses carry out extreme revolutions by fighting imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism and by building a new power, putting in place the agrarian revolution to reappropriate the land, organizing the workers in the industrial centers, and so on.

Let us prepare ourselves for the struggle and for the revolutionary response!

Nothing will come out of the bourgeois elections for the working class. We must prepare ourselves today for the struggle under the next government. This struggle must be based on a revolutionary perspective, there is nothing to expect from capitalism, which is in its decaying phase.

To advance the struggle, there is a need of a powerful Revolutionary United Front with a revolutionary strategy. To create this revolutionary front, we must organize ourselves wherever our class is and wherever our class meets exploitation and oppression: in working-class neighborhoods on the issue of housing, police violence, at work through trade-unions, we must create organizations that can respond directly to our needs, create cultural and sporting associations in all spheres of life to strengthen our solidarity and develop class consciousness. We must develop a proletarian feminist movement to fight patriarchy. This front must be openly anti-fascist.

And to carry out all these struggles, we need a Communist Party, a Party capable of giving a revolutionary perspective, a Party capable of fighting and offering a consistent strategy against the capitalist system under present conditions. This Communist Party is the Maoist Communist Party. Our strategy is Protracted People’s War: the revolution will not be a “great evening” that will fall from the sky, it will be a long process, it will be a violent process that will undergo different stages. This revolution, we must begin to prepare it now and not wait for it.

Long live the Centenary of the Great October Revolution! Let’s learn from our History to move forward!

Let us develop the class struggle based trade-union and arm the proletariat of combattive organizations on all fronts!

Long live the unity of all workers! Let’s develop a people’s anti-fascist mass front!

Death to Imperialism! Long live the international solidarity of all oppressed workers and peoples!

Against the war and the aggressions of the bourgeoisie, let us prepare People’s War to build socialism until communism!

On Jihadism

In France in recent years the news has revolved greatly around terrorism, with a focus mainly on Islamist terrorism. Attacks on a Jewish school, against soldiers, against Charlie Hebdo, Hypercasher, Bataclan, Nice, on coffee shop patios, etc., have resulted in a very strong reaction in our society. The main aspect has been the strengthening of the logic of imperialist war, especially in our territory: the army patrols more in our streets, the searches are linked, the state of emergency has been prolonged again and again, the courts remain full. Refugees arrive by thousands to find life away from the bombs. The war in Africa and the Middle East existed mostly on our screens: now it is part of our lives.

Of course, both the government and the opposition used these facts to divide the people, to divide our class. They linked terrorism and immigration, putting torturers and victims on the same level, and denying their own responsibility in this situation. They justified their security practices, and targeted Muslims or designated them as collectively responsible. In the media the positions of the most reactionary fringes of society, the fascists, are becoming more and more dominant: they link the question of Islam to violence, insecurity, war, drugs, to immigration, unemployment. Everything is mixed up to prepare minds to accept mass violence, and these ideas gradually penetrate through to the people. Anti-terrorism as an ideology is mainly upheld by the middle class, that is to say, in scientific terms, the petty-bourgeois, including the labor aristocracy. It was this social class that was particularly affected by the attacks of the last few years. It is this class that makes demands on power: the big bourgeoisie knows that it is protected and is mainly interested in defending its economic interests abroad; as for the proletariat, it is simply excluded from political life, except during periods of election during which the ruling classes try to mobilize it at the ballot box. During the movement for “Charlie”, the main aspect was the support for the imperialist state, its police, and therefore, implicitly, a demand for more repression.

Against the aggressive discourse about Islam, many sincere democrats simply say that jihadists are bad Muslims who have a misunderstanding of the holy texts, or who thus would represent an anomaly. This argument is not enough to fight against Islamophobia, nor against jihadism. This is not a scientific analysis, and we think it is necessary to go further and study the root of these problems.

Islamism, Salafism, jihadism, Daesh … What is it?

Islamism is the political theory that says Islam, that is, the Muslim religion, must govern society, that the state and its law must follow the principles of the Qur’an. This position is a minority one among the Muslim people in our state.

Among Sunni Islamists, Salafism is a powerful current. The Salafists want to return to the purity of the early days of Islam, the salaf salih, from which they derive their name.They have a very reactionary view of Islam. However, the majority of the Salafists in France are called “quietists”, that is, they do not seek to confront the secular state: they consider that the latter will disappear by the will of God.

A minority of Salafists, mostly originating as quiestist Salafists, are jihadists. That is to say, for them, one must fight the disbelievers to restore the dignity of Muslims. The duty of believers would be to take up arms against the cult of idols, against the taghut, for example the democracy that replaces the power of God by that of the people (some Catholic fundamentalists think the same thing). The two currents of Salafism treat each other as khawaridj , that is, as deviators.The jihadists of today are often called takfirists, that is to say, people considering all their opponents as disbelievers who must be excommunicated (takfir).

Is one current right and the other wrong? Everything is about interpretation: even if most of Daesh’s recruits are very poorly educated, jihadists rely on dalil (a sura or verse of the Qur’a) to legitimize their action. Salafism is an aqida , a coherent religious belief that relies on texts, historical references, and political thought.It is useless to try to dismantle the beliefs of a takfirist by relying on another more pacifist aqida.

Daesh, officially called the Islamic State, is an organization originally created in Iraq in 2006, when important parts of the anti-American resistance turned to jihadism. Initially, Daesh was linked to Al Qaeda. Finally the pupil surpassed the master by first declaring the Caliphate. The development of Daesh can be explained through recourse to reasons similar to those which made Al Qaeda successful in the 80s and 90s:

  • On the one hand, the imperialists (mainly Russian and then American) led to strong popular resistance in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere: this resistance took different forms, including Islamism. Today, the jihadists falsely present themselves as resisting imperialism in order to attract support.
  • During the popular uprisings, whether in Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria or Libya, the imperialists and their allies have always allowed the Islamists to develop. They are better enemies than revolutionary and secular groups, who have been massacred by the Islamists and the imperialists both. Sometimes the imperialists even directly support jihadist groups when it serves their interests (against the Soviets, against the Kurds, against the Syrian regime, against the PFLP in Palestine …).

Today, Daesh is a powerful organization, established in multiple countries. So much so that NATO is now working with other Islamists from Al Qaeda against them, itself an act of sharp political failure. There are in fact two sides to Daesh: the state itself between Syria and Iraq, and its clandestine organization in other countries.

The Social Role of Daesh

In Iraq and Cham (the Levant, that is to say mainly Syria), Daesh is building a genuine state that will probably not disappear in the near future.This state is based on Islamic law, Shariah .It is extremely reactionary: massacres of disbelievers (including Yezidis), repression of all opposition, general sexual slavery, atrocious conditions for women, permanent war, torture, destitution, and public executions. In fact, support for Daesh in some areas is mainly due to its reputation for defending Sunni interests and fighting corruption. Thus, many Syrian and Iraqi officers and tribal leaders joined the organization. Daesh is not the dreamed-of country of the Ummah of the Muslim community: it is a hyper-reactionary state which lowers wages, terrorizes its population, and maintains violent inequalities.The reality is far from propaganda-fueled fiction, and the situation is degrading in step with the economic and social collapse of this region, devastated as it is through imperialist-led wars for domination.

Yet, abroad, the radical Islamist project attracts some individuals or small groups. Initially, some of those attracted view the jihadists are the true opponents of American or Russian imperialism. Other people are motivated by humanitarianism: the atrocious images of the war in Syria urge them to go and help a martyred people. There are sometimes very legitimate motivations, a desire to fight for justice and against war crimes and imperialism. But the jihadists have built a very effective propaganda machine to channel these feelings for their benefit and gradually attract the most motivated people into their networks. Once one arrives in Cham , it is too late, one must adhere to the organization or suffer the consequences.And people wanting with all their heart to help the Syrian people become their executioners.

What is the class base of Daesh? It is difficult to know precisely. We know that among the many foreign fighters who join Daesh are many who come from well educated families. It’s not just desperate folks. The organization relies on deserters, veterans of international Jihad (Pashtun, Chechens, Saudi and Tunisian in particular) and on some powerful Iraqi Sunni tribes. The petite bourgeoise seems particularly well represented. Beyond ideology, Daesh thus functions as a counterweight to Ba’athist regimes deemed too secular and too tolerant of Shi’ism. It is a capitalist state under construction, more openly brutal than others, and born of the inter-imperialist war in Syria and the disillusionment of a popular uprising drowned in blood.

Inter-imperialist wars have often fueled radical movements which transform the violence of war into political momentum: Daesh is no exception. It is a semi-feudal, idealistic and anti-people movement with a morbid fascination with violence, presenting a romantic vision of anti-capitalism which aligns with its social base. However, Daesh does not represent the interests of a particular imperialism: if it has been supported by different foreign powers, it claims an autonomous political project, driven by a dynamic of return to a feudal system – a return which cannot be achieved in a world entirely dominated by capital. The desire to return to gold dinar currency and to base its support on tribal networks corresponds to this semi-feudal project. To summarize, the state that Daesh is trying to construct represents a brutal form of total reaction.

Radical Islamism in France and Postcolonial Management of the Banlieus

What about Daesh in France? Clearly, takfirism is an ultra-minority opinion, with very limited support in the population. Its social role is non-existent and completely cut off from the political life of the country. Most jihadists choose to hide and practice taqiya, concealment, that is, they do not rigorously practice their religion on a daily basis in order not to arouse suspicion and are completely marginalized in the Muslim community.

Young converts or Muslim families who “radicalize” and respond to the call of the new caliph make their hijra, they emigrate to a promised and idealized land.But what drives the young spiritual saints, having grown up in France, to let it all go for a new life on the borders of Syria? How does one choose to die as a martyr at the other end of the world? Republican thinking is incapable of answering this question. Because answering means France confronting its own demons, this question conjures up a shit-show

The banlieues of France are areas of absolute gloom, depressing, gray and sad walls. The police behave as in the colonies, like an occupation force. The elected representatives only come to collect support and distribute kickbacks to neighborhood associations and the neighborhood’s “big brothers”. Defective client-ism, more or less effective social pacification. The people’s culture is still there, under the concrete, it comes through like a plant under the asphalt and the rage grows: a dreadful school system that teaches submission, a scornful administration never quite over the loss of colonies, a racist police force, no social outlets … And this nightmarish situation, built by French capitalism, will not be able to improve under this economic system.

Suburban neighborhoods around metropolises and small towns are also affected by this phenomenon. Islamophobia breaks already weak social ties in these places, and prospects for the future are also increasingly limited for large parts of the petite bourgeoisie. Concretely, access to the university no longer appears as a means of re-classing oneself, of finding a stable social position for oneself. These changes produce frustration and anger.

The state feels this anger, and relies on three allies to avoid revolt. First, by depoliticizing as much as possible the cities, a feat made easy by the collapse of the workers’ organizations. And then, through allowing the mafia networks to develop: there’s nothing better to divide and suffocate the people than the logic of the gang and of dope. Finally, by organizing a comprador pseudo-bourgeoisie .That is, a social class of people from these neighborhoods, but who eat from the palms of the colonial power and who serve its interests – such as those who supported colonialism in the Maghreb, Africa, Asia …

But sometimes the dreams of peaceful integration and the fantasies of Scarface are not enough. Some particularly desperate people, confronted with the absolute boredom, racist oppression, and the social misery that capitalism offers, seek the absolute. To those men and women, Daesh proposes a new departure to an ideal and exotic country. An plane ticket that would allow these galley slaves to become modern knights. Often, interest in jihadist theory comes later, in order to justify this choice through the word of God. Fleeing the dunya, materialistic earthly life, also makes it possible to appropriate the ghanima of the khufars, that is to say, the booty taken from infidels: Daesh gives a moral guaranty to a life of plunder in a country at war.It’s a crusade 2.0 in the age of Facebook and Skype when changing one’s life seems easy.

Thus, one finds in a recently published book by D. Thomson, a former French jihadist who came back from Syria: “We were bored, there was nothing to do, just routine, lacking a bit of spice. […] I did not look for reasons to live in communism because that was not in the education that I was given. I was taught religious values, so I turned to religion. ”

This nihilistic revolt which accepts death as a martyr as a possibility is caused by the postcolonial management of the working-class and suburban districts: this is the direct result of the policy of French imperialism in the working class neighborhoods. Without a political perspective, without the destruction of this state, its comprador supporters, its police and its networks, there will always be nihilistic rebels ready to follow any type of mystical delirium, including jihadism.

It is therefore up to the revolutionaries to build a political and cultural alternative capable of solving the real problems that poison the life of the masses in the banlieues as well as in the suburban districts and in the villages. This perspective requires the strengthening of mass and party organizations to allow the development of the theory of materialism and to give a constructive perspective to anger and frustration. Against the desert of capitalism and the jihadist nightmare: only the revolt of the people is a source of hope!

Between the Two Rounds: Against Macron and Le Pen, let us prepare for the fight!

The first round has passed and without great surprise, the second round has been announced to be a duel between Macron – Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen already had her place in the second round secured for a very long time according to the polls. Macron, for his part, fully benefited from the deterioration of the Socialist Party. Everyone was able to observe the immense joke of the so-called “left” primaries; after the Hamon’s primary election, many left the ship with Manuel Valls at their head, showing their regard for the primary voters and all the credibility and trust that can be given to this kind of individual.

This first round of the elections ended with the collapse of the Socialist Party, with an absolutely ridiculous showing only allowing him to recover his campaign expenses. Similarly, the scandals provoked by Fillon torpedoed his campaign, and he was unable to reverse the trend. All this left the field open to Macron.

What does Macron’s win mean for our class?

There is neither Les Republiains nor PS in the second round but still nothing has changed. Even if Macron is not in the PS, he is not a new or different politician as the bourgeois media likes to present.

His experience in Holland’s government as Minister of the Economy tells us a lot about the character and prospects of his government: an uninterrupted succession of unpopular and anti-worker attacks, as has been the case under Holland (Pact of responsibility, ANI, Macron Law and to crown the whole lot, the Labor Law), but additionally uninhibited. For Macron, the El Khomri law is not enough – we need a “law El Khomri power 10”! In short, there’s nothing very different here from the social “blitzkrieg” that Fillon announced.

During the debates, meetings and interviews, Macron has been careful not to clearly disclose the substance of his program. He prefers to use hollow formulas avoiding at all costs to be divisive. He wants to be different, but only in appearance, advocating for fresh, young poltical perspective and highlighting his youth. If we dig a little bit, we realize that he is preparing a real war against society, a kind of second round after the quinquennium of Holland: saving 25 billion euros in the so-called “social sphere”, 25 billion from the State and € 10 billion from the local governments. The famous ceiling on labor compensation that had been abolished from the Labor Law was put back on the table. Further, he wants to cancel unemployment benefit after two refusal of offers, or for the reason that the “research was not intensive enough”!

On the other hand, he wants to strengthen France as a conquering imperialist power, increasing the defense budget by 2% of GDP, which is in line with Holland’s, and he also wants to impose compulsory military service of one month.

Far from the “out-of-system” candidate he claims to represent, politicians who surround Macron will be all that is classic. Supporters of Bayrou and Valls will no doubt be duly rewarded.

The Inexorable Rise of Fascism under the Capitalist System

If the probability that Marine Le Pen is elected in the second round is rather weak, the tendency to the rise of fascism will only intensify under the next government.

The FN has stabilized in the political sphere; it is able to impose its campaign themes, and it is now presented as a party impossible to circumvent that has found a stable electorate during the last elections.

Macron will only reinforce the tendency of the rise of fascism. As a representative of financial capital, he can only put the burden of the crisis of capitalism on the backs of the workers. The National Front will reinforce its influence by putting forward a protectionist policy against a “globalist” Macron and will continue to seek to divide the working class.

The only dam that can be made agianst the rise of fascism is certainly not an endorsement for Macron.

The only anti-fascist barrier is the development of the Front, the organization of the broad masses in the working-class neighborhoods and the workplace, the work for unity among all workers against racism and sexism and all other oppressions, in a clear strategic line of revolutionary struggle against the bourgeoisie and its state. It also requires the strengthening of international solidarity with all oppressed workers and people of the world, especially people oppressed by French imperialism.

Let’s strengthen our Party and prepare for the fight!

We must continue to mobilize against these presidential elections. It is not in their ballot boxes but in the street that we can rebuild our solidarity, that we can oppose with a real counter-power and anticipate the intense struggles that are being prepared in the next five-year period.

The proletariat needs its Party as its poltical and military center to win the coming battles against an increasingly aggressive imperialist bourgeoisie preparing to resort to fascism. This is why it is essential to strengthen and consolidate the Maoist Communist Party to advance towards the socialist revolution. Only the socialist revolution can block the road to fascism and resolve the contradictions inherent in the capitalist system and the crises it engenders.

We call for a broad mobilization during the Workers’ May Day to develop our class unity on a revolutionary basis, in order to strenghten the revolutionary boycott against the elections of the bourgeoisie!

Neither Macron nor Le Pen, boycott the elections!

Where there is oppression, there is resistance!

Let us organize the proletariat against anti-labor measures and the rise of fascism!

Red Salute to the Communist Party of the Philippines for its Second Congress

The Maoist Communist Party congratulates the Communist Party of the Philippines on its Second Congress, which was successfully held from 24 October to 7 November 2016.

The Maoist Communist Party sends its warmest greetings to the members of the Communist Party of the Philippines, its leadership, and to the red fighters of the New People’s Army. We sends our warmest greetings to all the mass leaders and all the masses organized by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in the struggle for the Revolution of New Democracy.

For nearly 50 years, the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army has been conducting a Protracted People’s War in the Philippines to sweep away imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism through the Revolution of New Democracy.

This People’s War, one of the longest in the world, is an example for the peoples of the world. Every day the Filipino people prove that they can stand up to imperialism, mainly American, and their local watchdogs. Every day the Filipino people, led by the Communist Party of the Philippines, build their power in the red zones where the new people’s government is being set up. This is where the peasants seize the land to set up the agrarian revolution, where free healthcare as well as education for all takes place. This is where the popular masses build this new society thanks to the protection of their army, the New People’s Army.

The Communist Party of the Philippines is a source of inspiration for all communists in the world. It history is rich with teachings, its refoundation with the first rectification with the document “Rectifying Errors, Rebuilding the Party” and going through the second movement of rectification of the 90s which reaffirms the only way for the national liberation and the revolution of New Democracy: that of the Protracted People’s War.

For it is indeed the Protracted People’s War led by a Communist Party following Marxism-Leninism-Maoism which constitutes the only way of emancipating the oppressed peoples and the proletariat of the whole world. It is the concentric development of the three tools (Party, United Front and the People’s Army) in each country that opens the way and develops the World Proletarian Revolution.

The People’s War in the Philippines led by the glorious Communist Party of the Philippines, as well as the People’s War in India, is a living example of the correctness and power of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, .

The Maoist Communist Party reaffirms once again its greater solidarity with the just struggle of the Filipino people led by its Communist Party against imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism, to advance towards the Revolution of New Democracy and then to Socialism.

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!
Long live the New People’s Army!
Long live the Protracted People’s War!
Long live the international solidarity of the peoples!